Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yellow Partridge; or, Partridge and Yellow

This spider is dressed with a body of embroidery thread.




Abdomen floss

Embroidery Thread - DMC 307 lemon or, better still, silk buttonhole twist – Coats & Clark’s 223 canary yellow, size D

Optional; light hare’s mask from the nose or cheeks

Partridge - gray from the shoulder and breast

As with most Yorkshire soft hackles, tracing the lineage of this pattern to its originator would be impossible – it has been a Yorkshire pattern time out of mind.

In The Soft-Hackled Fly Addict (1973), Nemes reprints the plates and dressings that T. E. Pritt listed in North Country Flies (1886). Pritt lists the Partridge and Yellow as the “Yellow Partridge, No. 28”
“Wings.—Hackled with a light feather from the back of a Partridge.
Body.—Yellow silk.

A good killer almost anytime during April.”

This spider is dressed with a body of silk buttonhole twist and a light hare's ear thorax. 

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