Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sandy Moorgame; or, Dark Dun



Dark brown

Silk buttonhole twist – Coats and Clarke’s dark chocolate brown 56-B, size D

Reddish-brown grouse back hackle

T. E. Pritt notes that the Sandy Moorgame, no. 43, “is a very useful fly from May to the end of July, and it is not to be neglected in a brown water clearing after a flood. It is probably identical with the dark dun of Theakston.” Pritt’s dressing calls for

“WINGS.-Hackled with a dark, reddish-brown feather from the back of a Grouse.
BODY.-Dark brown silk.

In Michael Theakston’s List of Natural Flies (1843), a “dun” is not a mayfly, but rather a sedge or caddis; the Dark Dun n0. 50 is a caddis hatching in the late spring or early summer“winged with a dark feather from the Moorcock; brown silk for body; legged with a dark brown hen hackle.”  

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  1. Neil
    Nice work at the bench---take a look at my recent post and tell me how you have fished the Dark Dun---thanks for sharing