Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Light Hare's Hackle

This dressing substitutes hare’s cheek for hare’s body fur.



Olive Pearsall’s gossamer silk

Pale ginger Indian rooster hackle

Gold twist

Light fur from a hare’s cheek

Pale ginger Indian rooster hackle

In Two Centuries of Soft-Hackled Flies (2004), Sylvester Nemes shared patterns and angling techniques from John Waller Hills’ River Keeper (1934), including some patterns by William James Lunn, riverkeeper for the Houghton Club on the River Test. Nemes notes that “where cock hackles are suggested, I would suggest a very good grade of hen hackle from Whiting or Metz” and that he has “also taken the liberty of suggesting other replacement materials.” He suggests dressing Lunn’s Light Hare’s Hackle with

“Hackle: Pale buff.
Body: Light fur from hare’s body spun on Pearsall’s gossamer olive silk, ribbed with gold twist.
Tail: Pale buff.” 

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