Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Copper King

This dressing assigns a thread color since Roger Woolley does not and substitutes holopraphic tinsel for flat metal tinsel.




Copper holographic tinsel

Brown Partridge

In Modern Trout Fly Dressing (1936), Roger Woolley lists the Copper King, presumably dressed as a flashy attractor pattern, under the “Fancy Wet Flies” heading. A fly might be termed “fancy” for a number of reasons, though it seems to have less to do with the flashiness of the dressing (even when the body of the fly is copper-colored tinsel) than the imagination of the fly tier or imitative nature of the pattern. 

Body.—Copper-coloured tinsel.
Hackle.—Brown partridge.”


  1. Nothing is really new in fly fishing or fly tying is it? I have been fishing a similar Soft Hackle for a couple of years with a Pearlescent tinsel for the body. Obviously, after reading this post, it really wasn't a new pattern after all.

  2. Mel, I'm sorry I missed your comment on an earlier post. I've posted quite a few flies on the blog that I've never tried - it's more about the history - but this is one I intend to get my fly box soon.